Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Thank goodness for Jonathan Millmow

Jonathan Millmow's columns from Australia come as a complete relief to those of us who read the local papers. Whenever Richard Boock is too overcome by his bitterness or the Sunday-Star Times is too overcome by its insatiable demand for salacious headlines to be objective, it is time for Millmow to cut through their muck and seek out the truth. Here he takes the latest Sunday-Star Times sensation and politely pronounces it "a load of old cobblers". You see, Jonathan uses an old journalism trick in order to reach this conclusion - he talked to the people directly involved. I wonder if the Sunday-Star Times thought of asking the players if they were rebelling before going with the "Bracewell faces rebellion" headline? Because if you read their article you won't see any quotes from them. Just an unattributed and unreferenced comment that Nathan Astle was "less than impressed" with being rotated out of the side and a few words from people who might have heard something said by someone else.

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