Wednesday, 17 January 2007

New Zealand vs England, Hobart

Another disappointing batting performance by the New Zealanders was the deciding factor in last night’s match against England. Richard Boock didn’t think much of the game at all. In fact as far as he is concerned New Zealand just rolled over and let England win. Jonathan Millmow isn’t nearly as jaundiced and named the match “the best show in town” on the back of the suffocating New Zealand bowling which almost stole the match. Meanwhile, the English press are flat-out relieved and the Aussie press has become predictably dismissive, arrogant and cocky in light of the performances of their own team.

But, while the match has attracted predictable comment, the bigger headlines are being reserved for a familiar story – Shane Bond’s back. Let's hope it really is muscular pain and not something more serious.


The Mallet said...

I was mystified why Flem elected to bowl Mcmillan in the last over when he had a good opportunity to use Franklin to bowl at the tailender and possibly put the sh!ts up the them.
And Macca should never have bowled his third over. At least not in a row.

Suhas said...

The match was best summed up just before that last over, when Lewis decided not to give the strike to Flintoff and Fleming decided not to bowl Franklin. two losses in two games is very difficult to come back from...damn, the batters need to strike form (especially fleming who looks burdened at the moment). I'll post further comments on my blog tomorrow.

Karl said...

It was very frustrating - the dismissals were all soft. No-one was concentrating and I think they were possibly too complacent. Bracewell's attitude when they went over were that England would be easybeats. Unfortunately I think they've now let Freddy Flintoff get some confidence back and that can be a dangerous thing.