Sunday, 21 January 2007

Ben on...McMillan is back

Defending 218 in the 5th match of the tri-series will be a hard ask (Australia currently 72/3 and looking comfortable since the 3rd wicket). But win or lose, Craig McMillan's 89 from 87 was an excellent innings.

Perhaps the solution to the problem with the top order is not to make the players nervous and edgy by rotating them in and out of the team. Perhaps the solution is to drop them and not give them a contract so they face the prospect of having to look for a proper job.


AV said...

I like one thing about Kiwis, they do give up easily. This Hussey man, what to do with him??

Ben said...

I don't think that's entirely fair AV. Scoring 218 after losing the top 5 for 80-odd and taking 8 wickets defending 218 was a fighting effort.

karel said...

i was in a state of shock when i saw hamish marshall in the team. funnily enough i wasnt shocked when he soon got out for next to nothing. o what could have been had we had an extra bowler in instead of him.
this is starting to get ridiculous. marshall hasnt had a good scoore in YEARS! why, oh why is he there?????

deano said...

We suck. It is getting depressing.

We need Styris, even on one leg he could have done better than Marshall.

Oram should play in the next game.

Kyle Mills in for Mason would help a lot too.