Friday, 26 January 2007

Ben on...Aussie arrogance

Quite a bit is being made of John Buchanan's claim in his progress report that the development of the Australian bowlers wasn't being helped by the boor batting efforts of England and New Zealand (see here, here and here) . His comments have certainly got Jonathan Millmow's knickers in a twist, who reacts by noting that Australia's batting hasn't been that flash either, which is a bit unfair as Buchanan does say that Australia's batting hasn't been satisfactory.

I noted another little piece of arrogance on the home page of Cricket Australia. The user poll asks "Who would you prefer Australia to play in the Commonwealth Bank Series finals?" New Zealand at 60% at the moment, which is encouraging. (This guy will definitely be voting New Zealand.) I recall the series in 1990–91 when there was talk about Australia throwing a game so that England, the more glamorous opposition, would get into the final.

I think I might prefer New Zealand to play England in the final actually. With a win each against each other and two wins each against Australia with a bonus point in every game will see England and New Zealand both reach the final, shutting Australia out. I wonder if Cricket Australia has considered that scenario.


Karl said...

Ha ha ha! Nice one Ben - while it would make a great fairy-tale ending, unfortunately England are not capable of that at the moment. With no Kevin Pietersen, no Michael Vaughan and Freddy Flintoff distracted by being captain, they're not in with any chance. It would have been great to see them do well but they suffer the same problem as us - a lack of depth in key positions.

I think the Aussie arrogance will not be their undoing in the current series but will be at the World Cup.

Maybe the current series is a conspiracy between England and NZ to lull Australia into a false sense of security going into the World Cup?

Stu said...

Australia should certainly not be run away favourites for the world cup that everyone seems to think they are - especially after a less than pressing preparation so far - I wouldn't even be surprised to see the Kiwi's scare them in the final of this CBA series - things have to go their way sooner or later...

P.S. Sad to see Astle go - great to watch. I saw him get a 100 at Eden Park in a one dayer against South Africa - fantastic highlight - smashed Pat Simcock everywhere - brilliant!

Anonymous said...

a combined team from england,west indies,india,new zealand,pakistan wouldnt get close to a Australia B side. Australia invented the game, Australia are the Champions, always will be!!

Anonymous said...

the current english touring side are the WORST in 20 years. the useless poms Very Overated!! the barmy army has no more support, cause their team is useless~~