Thursday, 18 January 2007

New Zealand's batting woes

The Sydney Morning Herald tells us something that we already know, that the New Zealand is having a terrible time with the bat. Just one score over 228 in the last 7 matches. And John Bracewell doesn't exactly sound like he is on top of the problem:

He said he couldn't put his finger on the reason for the batting problems, but said it wasn't just a matter of confidence and form was a fickle thing.

"Each guy will have a different issue. Some of them are technical issues on the faster wickets and some of them are technical issues on slower wickets and changes of pace," Bracewell said.

"With some of them maybe it is just confidence. Don't bracket them all in the same category, it just so happens a lot of them are out of form at the same time.


Karel said...

Why on earth do people buy this rubbish from Bracewell? I somewhat agree with the assessment that given our small pool of talent, we dont have the riches that other countries do with players. But i remember that under both Rixon and Trist we did rather well - including beating the Aussies on numerous occasions and consistantly scoring in excess of 250.
Perhaps i lay too much of the blame on Bracewell. How did Dion Nash go from an underperforming (and injury ridden) all-rounder to a national selector?
Its a debacle and if it were any other code, the coach would have been dropped long ago. Bracewell ruined the careers of Vincent and Cairnes. Ive said it before but ill say it again, I believe Chris had the goods to go through until the World Cup. I know he stated personal reasons for his depature but he was treated shabbily by Bracewell (as was Astle whom we almost lost also).
Hopefully things will look up with Mills, Styris and Oram back. Patels playing really well and Taylor just needs to settle and has all the talent in the world. Drop McCullum down the order, open with Fleming and Astle and think about someone to replace Fulton and/or McMillan. I love Macca but hes just not going it anymore. And Fulton isnt up to par.
Bring in bloody Ryder. Who cares if hes a hot head - so is Afridi and POnting used to be. Get over yourself Bracewell and do whats best for NZ.
Sick of it.

Suhas said...

he's finished off the career of chris harris too, it looks like (though no one seems to remember). i still think harry has one world cup left in him and his batting is still good enough for ODIs.