Saturday, 20 January 2007

Parore on "fading stars"

Adam Parore has fired a broadside at some of his old team-mates today. In a column for the Herald he targets our star batsmen who have "hung on past their prime". Fleming comes in for particular attention, with his captaincy also coming under "the Wicked Keepers'" angry glare.

"Gone are the innovations that made him such a terrific leader in the past. It's all a bit too patterned and uninspiring and it just doesn't look like our players are having much fun. There is nothing special about anything we do."

Words like "stagnant", "disorganised" and "going backwards" also make an appearance. Someone clearly didn't get out of the right side of bed this morning.


Suhas said...

Parore may have a point but the fact is Fleming and Astle are still the two best batsmen in the country and are yet indispensable. The only change I would have advocated for the squad is perhaps trying out Jesse Ryder instead of the struggling Hamish Marshall.

Fleming's captaincy looks fine on the field; when you don't have an attack chock-full of penetrative quicks you can't be expected to dismiss sides for less than 250 each time around. As regards the batting, Fleming is clearly hamstrung by the insistence of some one else's tactics. Any guesses who or why?

Suhas said...

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