Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Roebuck on McMillan

Peter Roebuck's latest column for the Australian papers looks at Craig McMillan. And Roebuck likes what he sees. Oddly enough, this piece didn't seem to satisfy Aussie demands for all things Macca - so they added this article as well.


Ben said...

Normally Roebuck's florid prose makes my skin crawl, but when he's talking about tubby down-to-earth Cantabrian Craig McMillan, his extravagant phrasing is really quite funny.

'No longer did early morning runs or visits to the gym appear entirely beyond the pale. No longer did pizza or burgers seem quite as tasty.'

I don't know if Roebuck knows how to write in any other way, but I suspect he is playing it up in this article, with gems like 'whereupon the cry went out, "Where's Macca?"'

deano said...

He looked fat as and was hopeless with the bat today though...