Thursday, 11 January 2007

Bring back Wrighty!

Okay. So we can't have John Wright as coach of the New Zealand team (or at least not until after the World Cup anyway), but maybe we should bring him back as a player? We do need at least one decent opening batsman after all.

It always seemed to me that Wrighty got better as his career wound down, but Cricinfo has just revealed how much better he got. Amongst all test players, only Imran Khan's record improved more than John Wright's once they hit the age of 35. When he was younger than 35 Wright averaged 33.34 in tests, after that age he averaged 53.09. An improvement of nearly 20 runs an innings. If he became that good in his late 30's, imagine how much better he must be now he is in his early 50's!

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