Saturday, 13 January 2007

A commentary on commentary

I usually last a game or two before the Channel 9 commentators start to grate on my nerves. But having to put up with them through the Ashes has meant my tolerance levels are exhausted already. Mark Nicholas in particular has worn out his welcome. The brown-nosing to the Australians, the overuse of hyperbole (everything is "marvellous", "wonderful" or "unbelievable") and the failure to add anything useful leave me pining for Bill Lawry - which is really saying something.

And what on earth were the Australians thinking with their new uniforms? Did they not notice that Pakistan AND South Africa already use the same strip?

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Suhas said...

If we want to see some really balanced commentary, NZ better come up with performances as good as those five years ago.....things are unlikely to change otherwise.

I've written little bit about the new uniforms on my blog. Do check out the latest entry.