Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Braces gets shirty

Richard Boock reports in the Herald that John Bracewell is getting rather shirty with the press. The last time Bracewell did this he claimed that he did it to focus the press on him rather than on his team - who he felt were under siege and needed time out of the spotlight. He can't claim that excuse this time. According to Boock's report Bracewell's answer to most questions was "you'd have to ask the players that."

Is there method to Bracewell's madness this time? If there is, I can't see what it is.

Boock is also seeking feedback on Bracewell's performance. Click here and post your own comments.

Personally the thing that continues to get me is that no-one in the team seems to know what their role is. I know I keep harping on about this, but the comments Bracewell makes in this article about Brendon McCullum's place in the batting order just seems to reinforce my concerns even more. If Bracewell has a plan, he should probably tell the players.

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Karl said...

There's been a lot of vitriol directed at Bracewell around the blogs today and on the Herald website. I think some criticism is valid (I think the execution of the rotation policy is flawed but think a rotation policy is sound). The vitriol directed at some of the players is absurd. But what about Bracewell's record?

Since coming into the coaching role in Sept 2003, he's had mixed success. Looking at it from a ODI perspective (that is after all what his focus was to be - his success in England was in the one-dayers, not first class arena), NZ has experienced a win-rate of 51% in the 75 games played since he became coach. This contrasts with a win-rate overall for NZ of 45%.

Bracewell's tenure is marked by some great results and some bad results - in the first 11 games under his stewardship, NZ won 1.

Questions raised in the weekend for me inmclude whether the High Performance director is having too much influence and whether Bracewell has an end-game in mind to his policies.