Friday, 30 March 2007

Ben on...what if it rains?

The Black Caps are currently 100/3 off 26 overs chasing 178. Easy victory surely, and Styris and McMillan are ambling along at half a clip above the required rate ("ticking along nicely"). But what if it rains? Well no problem in this case, they are 19 runs ahead of the Duckworth–Lewis target. I know this because I worked it out using the on-line calculator.

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Marshmallow said...

The staff handling the scoreboard in the West Indies could've made good use of that calculator - I was at the gym watching the Sky Sport coverage whilst listening to the commentary on the radio, and the crew were pretty much pissing themselves in regard to the scoreboard saying '0' as a Duckworth Lewis par score for the majority of the New Zealand innings. The only thing they made more comical references to was Chris Gayle's 'out of it' fielding and bowling performance.