Monday, 12 March 2007

World Cup diaries

Ben has already pointed out that Craig McMillan is keeping a tour diary over at the Black Caps website. But if that is his tour diary, then what the hell is this? You probably need to click on that link to believe it. It will take you to a blogsite which tells us that it belongs to Craig McMillan and that he is aiming to share any culinary insights he picks up while on tour. So far it seems to consist solely of badly photo-shopped images, extraordinarily unhealthy sounding recipes and odd anecdotes. Is it really Craig McMillan's doing? Given that his "official" tour diary has him claiming a love for the music of Westlife, Britney Spears and John Farnham - I wouldn't be at all surprised. Certainly the author of "Black Snacks" is someone warped - and McMillan's musical tastes would indicate he ain't exactly predictable.

Elsewhere, Public Address has started its own World Cup cricket blog. It is being run by three fanatical New Zealand fans (including Chris Cairn's biographer Hamish McDouall) who have certainly done their research. The first two posts cover New Zealand's group round opponents, Kenya and Canada.

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