Monday, 19 March 2007

Flintoff's big night

I managed to miss one piece of topsy turvy news in my earlier round-up - Freddy Flintoff's big night on the town. After drinking until 4am following the England team's loss to New Zealand, Flintoff decided it would be a clever idea to borrow a boat and go for a bit of a paddle. A loud splash later and Flintoff was banned for his team's match against Canada and stripped of the vice-captaincy.

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Karl said...

I was starting to think yesterday that England could potentially be the big upset later in the tournament. Like NZ, they've got a clearly talented group of cricketers who can punch above their weight when they're in harmony. I think any team that starts too well at the start runs the risk of peaking early. I thought yesterday that the big problem for England at the moment is Freddy Flintoff - formal responsibility doesn't sit well with him. He's more of a Chris Cairns than a Dan Vettori - one of the lads, likes a night out and likes to concentrate on his immediate job. I think removing the vice-captaincy pressure from him will probably free him up. I predict he will now return to being the Flintoff of 2 years ago.