Sunday, 11 March 2007

Ben on...New Zealand's blockbuster

The Age has given us their summary of New Zealand as a World Cup contender. In stark contrast to the Cricinfo article and expert commentary that Mike is salivating over, The Age article has one statistic (number of World Cups attended) and has commentary from a jockey who used to ride a New Zealand born horse.

The blockbuster is – surprise, surprise – the Super 8 game against Australia. (In a shock departure from tradition, Pakistan's blockbuster was given as the game against India.) Personally, the Black Caps game that I am really looking is the game against England. I believe this will be a bell-ringer for the prospects of both teams in the rest of the competition.


Tim said...

I agree about the England-New Zealand game; it is absolutely crucial for both sides. Whoever wins has a great chance of reaching the semis.

Karl said...

I think it's NZ v South Africa. South Africa may have a reputation as a bunch of chokers, but our record against them would indicate they're our definite bogey side.

Ben said...

A win over South Africa would certainly make our progression through the Super 8 seem that much easier. However, I think it is a game we can drop and still hope to make up for it elsewhere in the draw.

The game against England will affect our chances win or lose. We really need the points against England to insulate us against more probable losses to South Africa and Australia. And England will feel the same.