Sunday, 11 March 2007

Poll results and a new poll

My last poll asked you to identify the highest point of Shane Warne's long and distinguished career. Three of you thought it was taking money from bookies. Four of you thought it was the use of performance enhancing drugs. Five thought it was the dodgy text messages. Eleven couldn't get past the inflatable dildo, but for eighteen of you that had nothing on the mullet. But, and perhaps we are biased here because it happened in this country, for twenty-eight of you, the absolute high point was when Warney beat up some kids in Wellingto to steal the photos they had taken of him smoking (while he was being paid big bucks to front an anti-smoking campaign).

My next poll asks you to tell me what John Bracewell's fate should be. His contract with New Zealand Cricket is up for review after the World Cup. Should it be renewed?

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