Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Ben on...the oddest Odd Spot

The Age has been running little previews of the teams in the World Cup in reverse order of their seedings. India, seeded 8th, is today's feature. There's plenty of interesting facts about the team, including its performances at past cups and a player to watch. However, the reporter had real difficulty finding something noteworthy to say about India the country, home to 89% of the world's Hindus and birthplace of Hinduism:
Odd spot: India has the world's biggest Hindu Temple, the Srirangam Temple in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.


Anonymous said...

Angkor Wat is now actually a Buddhist temple, although originally it was a Hindu one.

Ben said...

"Angkor Wat is now actually a Buddhist temple."

Interesting – and I stand corrected.

Actually, I've cut the bit about Angkor Wat from my post as it did rather detract from my point.