Friday, 16 March 2007

A tie!

Zimbabwe and Ireland are not exactly the two sides that you would pick to have just played "one of the greatest World Cup matches ever", but that is exactly what just happened. Set 221 to win, the last Zimbabwean player was run-out off the sixth and final ball of the 50th over.


Anonymous said...

OK then boys, name the other 2 ties in WC history (answer on ur forum)


Ben said...

South Africa vs Sri Lanka 2003 I can recall without having to look it up. Big Duckworth-Lewis scandal.

South Africa again 1992? Vs England?? I seem to recall them needing 1 to win off 20-odd after a rain break. Big pre-Duckworth-Lewis scandal.

Anonymous said...

Duckworth-Lewis scandal??? It was fair; when the rain came it was too tight to call. Where the SAa mucked up was that they thought all you had to do was to reach the DL target, and blocked the last ball as the rain fell.

But like any other target, you have to better it, so it was a tie.

The other tie was the SA vAus semi in 1999. Aus went through because they finished higher in group play (thanks to Herschelle)