Friday, 23 March 2007

Ben on...Bob Woolmer's murder

I didn't want to comment on this earlier, as I wanted the rumours to die down and the consipracy theories to run their course and for Bob Woolmer's death to be revealed as simply a tragedy for the Woolmer family and a very sad event for the Pakistan team. However, it turns out the unsubstantiated reports were true and Woolmer was murdered. This is absolutely chilling news. Whether it was an insane disgruntled fan or an underworld hit is just too awful to speculate.

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Note4Bob said...

Yes; it is now brutally official. However, from the very moment Bob's untimely death ricocheted off a stunned public and sheared belief from a global public glued to the WC - the cause of death was obvious ... and maybe not just in my personal opinion, either.

Bob? A larger than life, big, strong, healthy, respectable man of excellent repute; he lived cricket - he loved life; he inspired so many and he was also a man who donned good fitness and health as comfortably as he donned his coach's hat. Bob Woolmer does not die a sudden and horrific death like that. Unless he was drugged, Bob would have put up a mighty fight and defense wounds would be on the killer/s. 'Their' own dna from saliva, sweat, hair particles, fingerprints, has to be in that room and on Bob's body.

Unless 'they' wore gloves and conned him outside his door - which leads us to question why he would let in a person/people he did not know? Did they say "Room Service"? Or ... murkier still, was the person or people known to Bob? Whomsoever he or they were, they ---> have SHAMED the game, shamed their own nation, the world cup and the very core of sporting competition.

Regrettably and as a result of the latter, it's my further personal opinion that Pakistan should accept a 10 year ban on international cricket as a result of any of the following (and these are guesses not accusations of some possible reasons): despicable fenzied fans; crooked bookies; a murky underground; players (and/or ex-players) rogue associates or fanatical supporters; corrupt officials or politics that had seeped into Pakistani Cricket.

If a serious investigation and massive 'fine' is not managed then how in heaven's name are future tests supposed to continue - knowing that at the cost of a GAME .... ONE GAME OF CRICKET .... the possible loss of great lives hangs like the sword of damocles above players, coaches, officials, managers. Bob gave his all to cricket and, when his high life was snatched from us by low-life... then perhaps his mantra, his gift, will finally be unravelled in his memory.

His gift may just be: to end the corruption. Because if you're not in it - you have nothing to gain. Pakistan's loss to Ireland caused this. Why beat around and get all politically correct after a man like Woolmer was murdered? Punishment is DUE! Yes, these are strong words. But words will never be strong enough to breathe that inspirational life back into Bob.

God too, has now cried "Foul!!" with all of us. This negative energy has to stop; those who took him and brought him down have made his integrity rise like a magnificent monument to cricket. RIP, Bob Woolmer. You were the Matchless Man of the Match.