Tuesday, 20 March 2007

New Zealand against the minnows

New Zealand's next two World Cup matches are against Kenya (tomorrow) and Canada (Friday). I can't see us losing either, but I can't see us putting in the kind of thrashing South Africa or India have dished out to the Netherlands and Bermuda either. New Zealand cricket has spent so long being the gutsy underdog that it still struggles with the favourites label.

In general our best performances come out when backs are up against a wall, and I can't see there being too many walls in these games. Look at players like McCullum, McMillan and Styris. Their entire careers seem to have been built around a bloody-minded determination not to let those Aussie bastards get on top. Take away the prospect of a bully's nose to bloody and they won't know what to do with themselves. I think our bowlers will meet their usual high standards, but I can see our street-fighters struggling with the change in focus and the others struggling to break out of their shells.

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Karel said...

Im not too fussed as long as we win. Overated players like Gibbs are notorious for the fact they clobber the minnow nations but fail to do anything remotely close to anyone half decent. Shewag got a hundred against Bermuda but has been lost at sea against anyone who can bowl straight. A 200+ win against one of the lesser nations is meaningless to me. As long as we win, in a comfortable and professional manner then im happy.
Agree with all your sentiments. I have a feeling itll be the strokemakers who stand up today (vincent, fleming, taylor) rather than the streetfighter types you mentioned.
I wont be waking up for this match but ill catch any highlights availiable on youtube tomorow.