Monday, 2 April 2007

An Australia vs New Zealand final?

Ian Chappell is predicting a World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia. Or rather, a one-sided thrashing between Australia and the only team capable of putting up a tensy bit of fight.

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Karl said...

I've been thinking about the likely semifinal scenario and who our ideal semi-finalist and finalist would be.

I think our big bogey team is South Africa. However, we've also shown an inability to play Malinga, so we're not too confident against the Sri Lankans. And we feel we have the measure of the Australians. So an Aus v NZ semi would be great. But for that to happen we'd probably need to finish fourth. That'll happen if we lose to all of Aus, SAfrica and SLanka. If that happened I'd say we'd not deserve to get through to the final anyway.

So, thinking if we finish 2nd or 3rd, the other likely 2nd or 3rd placegetter is South Africa. So I think we should be preparing for a South Africa semi and an Aus final. What helps is our final 3 super-8 games build us up - we get rid of the easier games earlier.