Saturday, 21 April 2007

Ben on...New Zealand no hope to win Cup

My secret hope that we might lift the World Cup has been extinguished. It isn't that we lost. Good teams can drop a game here or there. It isn't even the extent of the loss. We were after all missing two vital players and it was a dead game. New Zealand has no chance of winning the World Cup because Australia has no chance of losing it.

Australia have ploughed their way through this tournament without revealing a single weakness. I cannot see how they could possibly lose their last two games, except by extreme bad luck – and Ricky Ponting's luck is exceptionally good. They deserve to win the Cup. Any other result would frankly be the biggest upset of the tournament, bar none.

I still feel we are even money to make the finals however. We've played some incredible cricket so far. We bounced back after the Super 8 game against Sri Lanka and there's no reason we can't bounce back again. And if we make the finals, we'll give the Aussies more of a run for their money.

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Suhas said...

Yep, it looks like we're back to the familiar 'Aussies look unbeatable' scene again. It takes some doing to consistently rake up 300 plus scores when most needed - and this wasn't even the case in 1992 when they dominated the ocmpetition.

I don't think New Zealand bowled badly, but they were shockingly indisciplined for such a high profile clash. Having said that, I still couldn't understand the need to replace Jacob Oram with an extra bowler - I mean Fleming would have known that the spinners and Styris would bowl thirty overs between them, and should have really left the remaining overs to 2 frontliners and McMillan.
Bringing in an extra batsman (even if it was the much maligned Hamish Marshall)wouldn't have done much to weaken the bowling effort and w ould have at least lengthened the batting order. When you have James Franklin (a decent batter, but not a recognised one) coming in at number six, you know you've got trouble ahead.