Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Good article, bad article

Two Cricinfo articles for you today. The first sees a whole heap of praise lumped onto Shane Bond's head. The second doesn't make quite so nice reading for New Zealand fans, in it Craig McMillan talks about retirement. Retirement?! The guy is barely 30. I guess it can't be that easy being Craig though, most New Zealanders have an odd love-hate (or hate-hate) relationship with him.

Hmmmm. Okay. It looks like I only have one article for you. Between starting this post and ending it, Rahul Bhattacharya's article on "Shane Bond the thoroughbred" has vanished from the ether. If it reappears, I will link to it again.


Marshmallow said...

There was exasperated talkback about the Craig McMillan 'revelation', though I believe that the journalist took his words out of context. In particular, his words "I'm not going to put a time on anything but there is a good chance this could be my last World Cup." Given that the next world cup is four years away, why is there so much surprise? I find myself saying, 'Fair enough!'

Dan said...

The journo seems to be really reaching for a 'story' where there quite clearly is none. I'm suprised the headline didnt read: *McMillan to retire at some point in his life Shocker!*
Lets face facts, the WC has become incredibly dull. For every great match, theres 5-6 nonevents. Instead of a momentum and tension built from continuous close contests or do or die games, its just more of the same day after day. I dont even care who makes it to the semis any longer. Dont get me wrong, I hope (and expect) NZ to get through but the cup should have been done by now, or at least in its very last stages. As it stands, its playing out more like a soccer division league. *yawn*