Monday, 16 April 2007

Ben on...likely semi-final opponents

There are two games that will determine where the Black Caps finish on the table and who they will play in the semis, Australia's games against Sri Lanka and New Zealand. SL also play Ireland (which presumably will effect Ireland's points on the ODI Championship table now that they are an official ODI team), but we can easily assume that SL will win that one comfortably. Aus v. SL has probably been played by the time you read this and my analysis will be out of date already, but anyway, here are the possibilities assuming no huge changes in net RR:

Aus win both: Black Caps v. SL in semi
SL win, NZ lose: Black Caps v. SL
SL lose, NZ win: Black Caps v. SL
Aus lose both: Black Caps v. Aus

We're all but guaranteed to finish 2nd or 3rd and will most likely play SL again. This time however, the game will be at the harder, bouncier wicket at Sabina Park, Jamaica. I'd like to think we'll benefit more from the change in venues, but at any rate, the game should have a quite different hue from the previous match against SL.

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