Sunday, 8 April 2007

Ben on...the Tigers turn

The second half of the Super 8 round has started with a bang – Bangladesh has thumped South Africa by 67 runs, led by a fine 87 from Mohammad Ashrafal. A result that will no doubt please most followers of the game. As the Guardian over-by-over commentary:
Objectivity in sport is a myth. I want Bangladesh to win, big time. Clear? I doubt there is anyone in the world outside of the RSA who doesn't agree with me.
Who wouldn't be happy for Bangladesh? Personally though, I am also enjoying the schadenfreude over South Africa getting beaten. I've always found them arrogant. And I know I'm not alone; the Guardian commentary (Bangladesh innings) referred to SA as 'bullies' several times.

Well, their arrogance did them no favours in this game. To begin with, they played Gibbs despite the fact that he was injured, and weakened their batting further by playing Nel for Hall. Then they played the Bangladeshi bowlers with too little respect.

This loss has cost SA their no. 1 spot in the rankings and could have jeopardised their semi-final spot. They have three Super 8 games left against WI, NZ and England, and any one of these teams could pinch a semi spot after today's result.

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Karl said...

What I find interesting from the match is how South Africa's complete and utter inability to play slow bowlers has been exposed. I really hope we play both Vettori and Patel against them - it's always been known Smith has never known how to captain a team with a spinner. What has been shown is they're a one dimensional team when it comes to playing slow bowlers.