Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Ben on...the countdown

Predicatably, Shane Bond is being touted as the key to tonight's semi-final against Australia. He certainly does have a good record against them (avg 10.45 against a career avg of 19.02), so hopefully he will do well tonight.

If he does well, it will help him in possibly becoming the fastest ODI bowler to reach 100 wickets. Currently the record is 53 games (Saqlain Mushtaq) and at the 100-wicket-match mark, the best average and strike rate were 19.24 (Mushtaq) and 26.24 (Shoiab Akhtar), respectively.

The countdown starts here:

Matches left: 5 (currently 47)
Wickets required: 10 (90)
Runs to conceed: 211 (1712, current avg 19.02)
Balls to bowl: 215 (2408, current SR 26.76)

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