Friday, 3 November 2006

Worst prize ever

The official ICC Champions Trophy website is running a competition. The competition tagline says "Get up-close and personal with your favourite starts ... you could accompany the drinks cart at the ICC Champions Trophy ...", but this is probably the worst prize ever dreamt up for a number of reasons.

Firstly the draw for this prize will be made on 30 November 2006. The winner is supposed to be accompanying the drinks cart during the Champions Trophy final on 5 November 2006.

The next problem with the competition is that despite saying the winner will "get up-close and personal with your favourite stars" one of the conditions of the competition is that "The winner (one person only) will not be permitted to communicate with the players at any time while on the field." And if you wanted an autograph you are also going to be out of luck, "The winner (one person only) will not be allowed to carry any material with them while on the field."

Oh, and finally the winner is also "... responsible for making their own transportation arrangements to and from the stadium [in Mumbai]."

Hum. This is one prize I am not going to miss too badly if I don't win it.

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