Thursday, 30 November 2006

The troubles of Stuart MacGill

Peter Roebuck's latest column is a bit of mystery. The focus is on the steps Stuart MacGill needs to take if he is to save his cricket career. But, quite why that career needs saving in the first place is left unsaid. We know that MacGill has been surprisingly overlooked for the second Ashes test and Peter tells us that the leggie has been "in hot water" with his club and state sides. But we are never told what it is MacGill is alleged to have done. We are told "he had taken exception to an umpire's decision", but don't know exactly how he reacted to that decision. We are told that "his bursts of fury and generally testy demeanour prompt[ed] a delegation of senior players to conclude that he was fast becoming more trouble than he was worth", but aren't given any examples of this bad behaviour. While Peter Roebuck might be too gentlemanly to air other people's dirty laundry, I suspect the rest of the Australian press will not be so polite. Expect to see the unedited beans spilt shortly.

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