Wednesday, 15 November 2006


Phew! That conference was hard work and I had even less free time to blog than I anticipated. So what did I miss in the four days I was away from my computer? Well I missed all four days of Pakistan thumping the West Indies, I missed Marcus Trescothick suffering a return of his mental illness and withdrawing from the Ashes, I missed my chance to rant about silly matches such as the XIII vs XIII game between England and New South Wales, I missed Scott Styris' injury, I missed Monty Panesar being racially abused in Sydney and I almost - but not quite - missed the start of the New Zealand domestic season.

The latter comes amidst a howling storm in Wellington that makes summer seem a very long way away. The summer's first first-class match comes as Canterbury take on Otago in Christchurch. The forecast for that part of the country is for relatively fine weather for today followed by rain over the next two days. Its not the ideal start, but knowing the usual state of the South Island's early season wickets two days is probably all we need for a result. Live coverage of the match can be found on the Black Caps website.

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