Sunday, 19 November 2006

Poll results and a new poll

My last poll asked what you thought of the New Zealand side picked to play in the Champion's Trophy. 10 of you thought it looked pretty strong while 6 of you worried about the thin looking bowling attack. 15 people correctly predicted that injuries would be an issue while a large number had an issue or two with the selections. Most people seemed to think Mark Gillespie deserved his place, as only 2 people questioned it. 11 of you threw your arms up in the air at the thought of Hamish Marshall being thrown to the lions once again while 16 felt that Ross Taylor and Jesse Ryder should have toured.

My next questions asks you who should open for New Zealand in the first test against Sri Lanka. Michael Papps is injured so he does not enter into the calculations, but we are still left with an array of choices.


Anonymous said...

Why is Vincent's name not on your poll?? I believe in his last test (against Sri Lanka too) he scored a double hundred.

Mike said...

You know, I thought about Vincent and then decided he is probably only considered as a middle order batsman. Checking back I see that it is only a couple of tests ago (the 2nd match against Zimbabwe) that he was opening and doing well (he scored 92 in that match).

Ben said...

Vincent has actualy played most of his tests as an opener. However, he does better lower down the order. In fact, his 224 against Sri Lanka was scored at 4.

That Matthew Bell appears in the poll shows just how few decent opening specialists we have.

Suhas said...

My pick would be Peter Fulton and Jamie How to open, Vincent in the middle order since it looks like Styris will miss out.