Saturday, 4 November 2006

Hair sacked

A sigh of relief past through world cricket today as controversial umpire Darrell Hair was sacked by the ICC. The move means Hair will no longer be able to umpire international matches and effectively ends his career.

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Anonymous said...

I think you exagerate when you say the cricket "world". In fact Australia, England and New Zealand voted otherwise...perhaps the cricketing "sub-continent" may have been a better phrase - although it's one and same thing really.

Ah well, stand by for 10 times the video replays each match and far less diciplinary action from umpires, for guys like McGrath, Lee and Warne (which they'd have to be happy about I guess, but you've been quite outspoken against their antics here in the past). What umpire is going to have the courage to stand up against anyone now.

Elite umpires are being completely undermined by this reactionary decision.

I wonder if any umpires will be willing to warn Brett Lee next time he fires down a beam ball down at one of the Kiwi's now?!?! (let aloen take him off).