Thursday, 16 November 2006

The season opens

I was a bit off in my prediction that the opening first-class match of the season would be over in two days. Otago ended day one at 352/4. My weather forecast seemed a bit off too. Yesterday's forecast was for horrible rain to set in today, but that seems to have been revised to "lovely and sunny". Clearly the weather gods have decided to send all that rain and wind Wellington's way instead. We clearly haven't had enough of it yet.

Anyway, since my ability to predict the future appears to be wonky I thought I would try a few more predictions. 1) Sri Lanka will win every match in New Zealand, 2) Australia will win the Ashes, 3) New Zealand won't win the World Cup and 4) a flying pig won't drop huge bundles of cash into my lap.

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Karel said...

I dont think Sri Lanka will win every match. In fact, I think we will take out the one day series. The Tests are touch and go, im predicting one-nil to Sri Lanka. But theyve never seemed to do well on our pitches so I wont be suprised if that prediction gets reversed.
I think the Aussies will win the ashes. Englands batting looks shabby and the bowling looks blunt without Flintoff being in any sort of form.
Kevin Peiterson is a bit hot and cold in my book. Ill go so far as to say the Ashes will be a HUGE dissapountment as a contest. Possibly 5-0 to the Aussies. Or at least 3-4 wins and a draw at the end when the rubber is dead.
As for the world cup, i have a hunch about Pakistan. But itll probably come down to the Aussies and South Africa.