Saturday, 4 November 2006

Swing the axe

In today's Herald both Adam Parore and Warren Lees rattled on about how John Bracewell needs to bring out the axe and exchange Marshall, Vincent and Fulton with Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor and Ross Taylor.


Karel said...

I cant say im a fan of Bracewell. He lost my respect in the way he handled the Cairnes affair. Still believe Chris had a year or so in him - at least enough to finish out at the world cup.
Taylors ommision from the champions trophy was a disgrace. Marshalls inclusiion an even bigger one. I dont think Fulton will ever be a great player but has the potential to be a good one. Someone solid in the middle order. Vincent blows hot and cold but up until this tournament he was in sparkling form (in county cricket and previous test and ODIs) and he'll do better on faster wickets with true bounce.

But those articles make a good point. And Bracewell missed the boat in not blooding Taylor and Ryder during the tournament. Dont agree McCullum should be moved up. Still have memories of when he began as an opener. Hes a much better player now but i think he does so well BECAUSE he comes in late and enjoys the older ball and the field spread.
Anyone know whats happening with McMillan? Could be worth one last punt if he has a good domestic season.

nb: i noticed Patel had one of the best bowling records in the tournament preliminary stages. So why was he left out of the game against Pakistan and the semi against the Aussies? Id personally choose him over Franklin 9 times out of ten.

Karl said...

I think Marshall justified his selection for the Champions Trophy based on his form in the English country season, although that was in the longer form of the game. He does seem to have forgotten his game (which is to accumulate, not hit out).

Vincent's problem is the same as what happened to Mark Greatbatch - he had a couple of good innings going for the slog and he now seems to have been told he has to play every innings like that.

Fulton has had his game exposed and now needs to go back to the provinces and get some good coaching.

Astle is class and has just had a bad tournament.

I think the best solution is to drop Fulton and bring back Sinclair. If they're wanting to bring in Taylor, it should be a swap for Vincent.

The First XI in the first game against Sri Lanka ought to be: Taylor, Fleming, Astle, Sinclair, Styris, Oram, Vettori, McCullum, Franklin, Mills, Bond.

To round out a squad of 15 for the World Cup, I'd take H Marshall, Patel and Ryder.

Karel said...

Agree on most points. But why has Marshall led such a charmed existance?! County cricket is a big step down from internationals as evidenced by Spearman (who was always an average player at best) plundering attacks over there.
I think Marshall needs to be dropped, fullstop. At least for a while. His average over the last TWO YEARS has been woeful.
Agree with your assesment about Fulton. But Sinclair? He's been given chance after chance after chance. Just not mentally good enough (see also McMillan)
Vincent scored heavily against the Windies here last summer then scored heavily in the county comp. I think he's been given that role to bash out at the start of innings. Just think he'll do that a lot better on pitches with pace and true bounce. And since we have the VB series in aussie approaching...
My X1 for the Lankans:
Taylor, Fleming, Astle, Vincent, Styris, Oram, Vettori, McCullum, Martin/Franklin, Mills, Bond.

To complete the squad:
Patel, Ryder and possibly Sinclair.

Suhas said...

In all the disappointment over the top order, the bowling has apparently been forgotten. If the opportunity was lost to blood Taylor, what about Mark Gillespie? After two decent performances in the warm up games, no sign of him. I'd have liked to see him at least in one game because

1. To me, James Franklin is the weak link in the attack. Not quick enough, and (when it doesn't swing) somewhat predicatble and hittable. Would have liked to see if Gillespie deserved a spot ahead in the list.

2. In the hectic schedule up ahead, you can be sure that at least one among Bond, Mills, Oram and Vettori will not be fully fit. So again, we need to know whether Gillespie is an adequate back up. Does he fade away or remain part of Bracewell's plans?

As for the batting, I'd rather see Astle return to the opener's slot and maybe have Fleming drop to number four to steady the middle order...a necessary sacrifice, I feel. NZ needs a grafter in the middle, someone in the mould of Roger Twose. Marshall is still the best bet, but he needs to be moved down to number 5 or 6, and remember he's in the side as an accumulator.

Karel said...

excellent points!
I agree that Franklin can be good on his day but only in the right conditions. Gillespie needed a go. Patel's more of a ODI in my opinion.
Still dont agree with the cinlusion of Marshall though. Why does everyone still think he should be there given his V long run of poor scores?

my ODI batting order:

1: Vincent
2: Fleming
3: Astle
4: Taylor
5: Styris
6: Oram
7: McCullum
8: Vettori
9: Mills
10: Bond
11: Patel/Franklin/Gillespie