Friday, 24 November 2006

Ashes day one

What a let down. All that hype and anticipation and England bowl like a dog's breakfast. I am willing to predict that the end of day two will see Australia looking as strong as Auckland in their match against Otago.

As Peter Roebuck tells us, yesterday was all about two captains. Both played strong hands but only one got much support from his team-mates. In 2005 the first ball in the Ashes was bowled by Steve Harmison to Justin Langer. A Harmison bouncer sent Langer reeling. In 2006 the first ball of the Ashes was again bowled by Harmison and again the target was Langer. This time the ball went so wide it was caught by second slip.

England are already without the services of Simon Jones and have to play with Kookaburra balls that fail to swing. If Harmison continues to bowl like he did yesterday then their bowling attack suddenly starts to look very thin.

In short then, England are going to have to start improving very, very fast or the Ashes will be back in Australian hands quicker than boiled asparagus.

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Karel said...

Quite frankly England waved the white flag before a ball was bowled by choosing Giles over Panesar. Giles bowled tidy and picked up a wicket. But ultimately they were beaten by the fact they wanted to contain, not bowl the Aussies out. Im not saying that much would have been different if Monty had of played but it shows the mindset of the English.
I think i predicted the Aussies to win the series easily and I cant say anything has changed.
Still, if they pick Monty, Harmisson comes good and Flintoff gets that support then who knows. The English batting looks weak though and I cant see Peiterson carrying the team.
This series was always going to be a dissapointment given the ridiculous hype. Lets just hope its not as one sided throughout as it was the last two days.