Thursday, 29 May 2008

Vettori comes under more pressure

Chris Rattue, in this morning's Herald, has sifted through the ashes of the second test and found Vettori's captaincy wanting:

The honeymoon period for Vettori's captaincy is over and this horrible failure must be judged against the harsh standards of international sport. After squandering a surprise series advantage at home to England this year, this sideways drift has reached the point where the leeway is over.

If Vettori cannot inspire and demand more than this, then the captaincy issue is not at rest. There must be serious questions over a side that can so blatantly betray one of the finest centuries ever scored by a New Zealand batsman, a rare gem that has already faded because of what followed.


Ad said...

Knee-jerk reaction; I'm not knowledgable enough about the world game to offer great insight, but in the last few months playing against you guys, I've been very impressed with Vettori.

Chin up, people.

David Abo said...

Disappointing reaction. Could be argued that Vettori has been leading from the front (2 5fers in last two tests). Questioning Vettori's captaincy papers ignores a top order that needs to front up and only creates further instability in a side rebuilding yet still punching above its weight.