Friday, 16 May 2008

Ben on...claws out in the comments

We don't get many comments at Mike on Cricket. If I make a poor post, there will most likely be no response (though I might possibly get JRod or Sportsfreak pop in to make a pithy comment, saving me some embarrassment). I should count my blessings. Check out the harsh comments in this blog. And here are some of the deleted comments:

3. At 8:01 pm on 14 May 2008, Rvvm wrote:

No offence, but I have no idea who you are.

Any chance you could get a journalist who has played the game at this level or at least has some knowledge of the game to write the next blog?


5. At 06:54 am on 15 May 2008, bonedoc70 wrote:

I agree with much of the above. Sorry to be negative but you appear to be describing the routine happenings of a build up to a game of cricket! It is the most banal piece of writing I have read in a world (wide web) that is overflowing with the trite and cliched.

"The groundsmen have been working on the pitch and the wicket since 9am and were still going around with a lawnmower at 4pm."


Did you speak to the groundstaff? What is the wicket going to play like?

"...........the caterers bring in all the beer, champagne and pies they will need while sponsors tents have also gone up."


Furthermore your piece is one large contradiction. Initially you state that England vs NZ is not "box office stuff" then go on to say "the excitement is building......bring it on" and there are "legends to be made". The next line I was expecting was "he was a slow left armer from the wrong side of the tracks who broke all the rules......this time its personal" you actually like cricket? Do you know anything about it? I am sorry to be negative but there was nothing of interest in your piece and it also sadly betrayed a lack of passion and understanding of the game.

6. At on 15 May 2008, edbaron wrote:

Is this the worst BBC sport blog ever written. Comments about the grass being cut and pie tents going up suggest this person won a Blue Peter prize to write about this blog. What does she know about cricket? Less than G Boycott's cat I would venture. If the BBC has stopped showing the cricket on TV at least have journos who know something about the game passing comment on it!


Mike said...

I see many of those comments have now been removed from the real blog by the moderator. Luckily a few - even more scathing - comments have since been posted.

Ben said...

Don't worry, I've preserved the cruellest comments for prosperity.

Jrod said...

I tend to agree with the people bagging the post, it is crap, but its not more crap than 80% of the stuff on bbc or cric info.

You get the feeling if this was a man writing, people wouldn't have taken the time to bag it.

The Atheist said...

I wish I got comments like that.

I had an angry Kiwi once. But he left. Now I am sad.

Miriam said...

I'm glad you say that Jrod because I thought it was just me feeling feminazi. You DEFINITELY get the feeling that the comments may have been fewer, and less scathing, if the post had been written by a man.