Friday, 23 May 2008


I like books. And I occasionally get a hankering to read what I call in my mind "a great American novel". I am not sure what I even mean by that, and I am usually disappointed with whatever pretender I happen to pick up ("Cold Mountain", I am looking at you). I am starting to get that old hankering again, and am very tempted to pick up the latest attempt by a novelist to capture the American condition in print. Mainly because the vehicle that author has chosen as base his novel on is - weirdly enough - cricket.

"Netherland" by Joseph O'Neill isn't just attracting great reviews, it is also selling like hotcakes (as of this second it is the 10th biggest seller at Amazon). And the New York Times has even run an article about the real-life Staten Island Cricket Club, where the protagonist of "Netherland" plies his trade.


Miriam said...

Ooh, I ordered this just yesterday after seeing a review of it in The New Yorker magazine.

Ad said...

Pls let your readership know what you think once it's been devoured. I'd be interested. Ta.