Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Guardian on Jerry

Jeremy Coney is the new Richie Benaud? According to Rob Bagchi of the Guardian he is:

Coming across as cricket's answer to the poet and critic Tom Paulin, each word is measured for effect and the effort of thoughtfulness is etched across his face as he weighs each comment. He never preaches, though, just talks with the ease of an accomplished raconteur in a charming and shrewd, if slightly kooky fashion. If you still miss the master, catch Coney while you can.

I know some people find his kookiness irritating, but I count myself as a fan. His autobiography was the first cricket book I read that contained any real insights into the game and he can be a marvellously inventive, thoughtful and clever speaker when he feels like it.

If anyone has an MP3 of him and John Parker discussing Parker's only test wicket (during a lull in play at the Basin test between England and New Zealand in 1988)please, for the love of god, post it here so the rest of us can relive one of cricket broadcasting's true golden moments.


richard said...

Oooooh yes, I second the call for that MP3 - it MUST exist somewhere!

Mike said...

I love the Parker/Waddle/Coney commentary! I have emailed Radio Sport and asked them if a copy of the John Parker wicket discussion is available.

Jrod said...

So Coney is the this seasons Richie, probably better than Shastri, or Nicholas.

Philip said...


Could you please send me contact details - I am a writer who would like to contribute to your blog.

Many thanks