Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ben on...updated honours board

Go Big Jake!

Year Batsman Country Runs
J.D.P. Oram
New Zealand
2004M.H. Richardson New Zealand 101
1999 M.J. Horne New Zealand 100
1994 M.D. Crowe New Zealand 142
1990 T.J. Franklin New Zealand 101
1986M.D. Crowe New Zealand 106
1978 G.P. Howarth New Zealand 123
1973 B.E. Congdon New Zealand 175

M.G. Burgess New Zealand 105

V. Pollard New Zealand 105*
1949 M.P. Donnelly New Zealand 206
1931 C.S. Dempster New Zealand 120

M.L. Page New Zealand 104


Sportsfreak said...

Interesting list that, in an easy-to-read stats kind of way.

Who would you say was the odd one out in that list? (e.g. lucky to be in that company)

Ben said...

That's a good question Freak. I was very surprised to see Franklin's name on the list. I don't know enough about the older guys to say whether a century at Lord's was an exceptional achievement for them, though I do recognise all the names except for Page.

Ben said...

I guess another interesting question would be who should be on one of the lists but isn't.

Wright, Turner, Jones and Reid are some who are missing from the batting list (though I don't know how many opportunities they got at Lord's).

For the bowling list you'd be tempted to suggest that Bond might have made it, but of course he never played in England and would have missed this test for injury if he was in the squad. (That's not a snarky comment; he really is injured.)

It's hard to think of any other bowlers who deserve to get on the list (though to be fair, a 5-er is much rarer than a 100). Morrison perhaps just because of the length of his career. Lance Cairns maybe, that's perhaps a stretch.

Sportsfreak said...

Nothing wrong with snaky comments about Bond, especially when they’re accurate 

Bond only ever got 4 5WIs in tests so would’ve been unlikely to make the list. For me, someone who would’ve merited being on theist was Doull who in theory would find that ground to his liking.

The odd one out for the batting list for me is V Pollard, but that might have something to do with my personal prejudice against people who stick up for hypocritical bullying pedophile politicians...

Q said...

I think Astle should have been there.

Poor McCullum just missed out.

Bond's played only 17 tests. I was surprised by that number.

Marie said...

Hi Ben (and Mike)
It is only now that I can bring myself to post about the test at Lords...
I had planned to post a wonderful picture of me and mates sipping wine in the sun on the Saturday of the test. Not so unlikely as London had experienced uncharacteristic heat for the previous two weeks and unti 2 days before predictions were for sun.
But it wasn't to be, my first Lords experience was a dull 8.5 overs and then rain.
Eventually we all gave up and went to the pub and lamented the English weather.
As it was under 10 overs I get a full refund of my tickets, £80which will be spent in Spain this bank holiday weekend - I am not taking the risk of going to Manchester...
That is all.