Sunday, 11 May 2008

Ben on...the Flintoff factor

So Andrew Flintoff won't be playing for at least the first two tests. This will disappoint some commentators, but not others.

I gotta say, I'm not convinced by Flintoff. I know he carried England to Ashes victory and spent a couple of years at the top of rankings. But I picked him in a round of some fantasy cricket thing once and he got no wickets, so I ended up getting 0 points in that round and never recovered.

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Ad said...

Flintoff is - when fit - a top quality bowler. Fast, hostile, accurate and clever. He's not bad in the slips either & can smack a few boundaries but his batting is not good enough to make him a proper all rounder. Whether he'll be fit enough to ever play again is a matter of some debate but there is little doubting his quality as a bowler; despite your unfortunate fantasy league experience...

Freddie has got a lot better in recent years in comparison to his early days in Test Cricket.