Saturday, 17 February 2007

A ten wicket win!

I couldn't wait to get up this morning to see what the papers made of New Zealand's ten wicket victory over Australia. And I wasn't disappointed. The Age devotes three pages to "one of its darkest days" but also gives full credit to a "powerful effort" from the New Zealanders. The headline in The Australian is "Australia's humiliation" and its match report is equally damning.

On this side of the Tasman Richard Boock is so excited that he almost brings himself to praise the New Zealand side while the Dominon-Post still hasn't recovered from the post-match celebrations enough to publish its report.

To put the New Zealand effort into perspective - this is Australia's heaviest ever one day loss and the first time it has ever lost by ten wickets. The opening partnership between Fleming and Vincent is also a record score against Australia. And by crickey it was good to watch.


Karel said...

Ah, i loved watching every minute of that game. But i have a suspicion that it was just 'one of those days' for the Aussies. every international team gets em once in a while. Not to take away from the lads who did a great job with bat and ball. For all those who doubted me when i called for Vincents recall i say - ha! Bond was magnificant, all be it with pitch assistance, and Gillespie grows and grows although i still think he needs to find a little more variation. I found the criticism of Fleming over the last week awful and he proved yesterday (on field and with bat) that hes still the man for the job. Pity about Oram though and wonder whose next in line for the WC? Adams is it? I still think he could prove himself at this level and i think his batting is underated - he just needs to be sent in as a pinch hitter and not have his style restricted. Ive seen him hit the ball harder and further than anyone else in this country.
ANyway, congrats NZ!

Karl said...

It was great, although the black caps were in a no-win situation - if they lost, well they couldn't even beat Australia's second XI, if they won, well it was only Australia's second XI. But the manner in which they did it was fantastic. They took their chances and they created chances. Bond's caught and bowled was an act of beauty.

The only negative was that Tuffey looked very ordinary.

Ben said...

"The black caps were in a no-win situation."

And yet they did win. A second XI shouldn't be beaten that badly, not if it is put on the field as the national team. By thrashing Hussey's side, the Black Caps showed that they are a good team and shouldn't be taken lightly by Australia. It also put the lie to the idea that Australia A is the second best team in the world.

Tim said...

As a Pom, great to see the Aussies losing again, and especially good to see one of my favourite players, Shand Bond, back to his best! And the second ODI is looking half-promising too!

Anyway, great blog and I was just wondering if you fancied swapping links with my offering, ? I'll add your link asap.

Geoff said...

Australia have now lost six of the last nine ODIs Symonds has missed, going back a year. There was also one no-result in that time. One-man team, anyone?

Great results for the Black Caps - Peter Fulton's acceleration really surprised me, and it was perfectly timed.