Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Contents of an email from Marie

Did you see Gilly saying they didn’t even want to tour NZ - ohh poor thing - so hard being a professional cricketer, getting paid heaps to do something you love and fly all around the world. Try sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day!

That is all.



Zainub said...

Excellent blog Mike, really enjoyed listening to the podcast you linked to the other day, also watching the final one-dayer as its happening - cracking game again. Just thought I should let you know, our folks at Desicritics have been doing a series of World Cup previews, NZ came under the spotlight yesterday, if you want to check out how far NZ will go according to our reckoning you can go read the article here

Ben said...

Hi there Zainub. I have to say those are some fairly pessimistic predictions for NZ. The Black Caps are number 3 in the world. Surely they deserve better than "Surprise semi-finalists".

Zainub said...

Predictions are matter of personal opinion Ben, but you have to keep in mind the article was compiled before the run chase today, not that that particular fact makes a lot of difference, but NZ did lose 6 of their 7 CWB series games, and their bowling, when Bond doesn't fire, you'll admit I'm sure, should be a concern as well, and more than anything, NZ's previous records in World Cups...a lot of people here in the subcontinent and around the world have certain perceptions about various teams and recent form only changes those perception to a certain extent. What I'm interested in knowing though is how the reaction within the fans in NZ is? Do people believe this 3-0 whitewash could give NZ the momentum necessary to win the WC? Do you believe you've got the man power? These were half strength Aussie sides lets not forget.