Thursday, 1 February 2007

An apology

Here is something very unusual. It is an apology from Richard Boock to John Bracewell. Boock admits that rotating in Mark Gillespie and Michael Mason was a good idea, and that he was probably a bit silly to pour scorn on the proposal. And he admits that shuffling McCullum back down the order was sensible too, despite his complaints to the contrary only a game or so ago. And he adds that perhaps Bracewell's selection policies probably aren't the designs of a group of Alzheimer's victims like he has been alleging. The only problem with all of this apologising is that Boock is so effusive I am not really sure whether he is serious or not. And the final line kind of spoils any sense that Boock really wants to make nice:

"You never know, if he keeps on like this, we may even start believing him about Astle's retirement decision."

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