Monday, 5 February 2007

Australia vs New Zealand

First we couldn't bat, but fielded and bowled well. Then we couldn't field, but our batting and bowling were pretty sharp. Now it is the turn of the bowlers to be rubbish.

In last night's game Shane Bond didn't attack the crease like he used to. He seems to be bowling within himself. He was told before the match that he will be playing against England on Tuesday and I wonder if that was playing on his mind. Meanwhile Jacob Oram has frankly been bowling tripe ever since he arrived in Australia (it is just as well his batting is coming along). Mark Gillespie and James Franklin were the best of the seamers and I think Oram and Bond should be looking at Gillespie for tips. His line and length has been excellent.

Still, at least the Australians have something to worry about as well. Their bowlers have now conceeded three totals in a row of 290 or more. Peter Roebuck claims Mitchell Johnson deserved better figures last night, but he has been chased a couple of times now and hasn't responded well. I think it is indicative that his captain does not hesitate to whip him out of the attack as soon as the ball starts flying around.


karel said...

Im begining to wonder weither Australia hold some kind of spell over us that means we cant win no matter how good our circumstances may look.
Doubt anyones noticed (or cared) but my calls for Vincent to open in previous weeks have been prophetic. Hes doing the business and thanks to an earlier link of yours, i wonder if its because he no longer holds cricket as something life and death. Means he can maybe ENJOY himself now. Gillespies coming on and i think he'll do great on more helpful pitches. I still think Mills should be in at Franklins expense. I just rate him more and he hits the pitch, doesnt float it up there like James does. Franklin bowled okay but thats just it, he'll always just do "O.K". Mills can really spark up. Bonds looking patchy but hey, Lee is also. Just think the pitches havent suited pure pace. Oram needs to step up with the ball. Batting aside, thats what hes in for - to do both roles. Otherwise, we should be picking him purely as a batsman and using another fulltime bowler. Patel would have been good last night but thems the breaks. All in all, i think we'll beat the English (heres hoping anyway) and may push the Aussies to a third final. Lets wait and see.

deano said...

I can't understand why Patel doesn't play more often. Vettori did a good job tying Australia down for 8 of his 10 overs. Also, Styris was yanked an over or two early. And Bond is bowling poo at the moment.

The fielding wasn't flash either. We must have shied at the stumps ten times, but hit zero.

I had to take a couple of valium to deal with the frustration as Australia made our total of 290 look like 220.