Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Aussie public's opinion of Lou

The Sydney Morning Herald is currently running a poll to discover whether people agree with Lou Vincent's assessment of the Aussie team as "arrogant". The poll is currently running with 47% agreeing with Lou, 14% saying the team is merely "confident" and 23% thinking the team is either "aggressive" or "abrasive".

The Herald has also set up a blog so people can post their own comments. There are a few statements along the lines of "Lou is such a whinger that he should play for England" and one or two remarking that the New Zealanders are bad sports, but there are also a liberal sprinkling of comments agreeing with Vincent.

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karell said...

Storm, meet teacup.
Of course the aussie public will have a negative view on his comments. As we would had it been a South African or Indian player talking about our team. Personally im glad he said what he said. Its time we stop sitting in awe of the aussie team and take them on, on field and off. Lou always speaks his mind and makes for a breathe of fresh air in this day and age of planned soundbites. Lonng may it conninuue!