Friday, 23 February 2007

Ben on...World Cup form guide

The BBC is running some preview articles for the World Cup. The latest is a form guide, outlining the major teams and how they have fared in previous World Cups and in their last 10 matches. Listed with the outlines are run downs of key players, including the the captain, most dangerous bowler, most explosive batsman, a rising star and a 'dark horse' for each team.

It's pretty good for giving a brief overview of the teams that should make the Super 8.

The only statistic that is easy to reproduce from the team overviews is the win/loss ratio, which is not very useful at all for making predictions, but is interesting enough. Perhaps the most significant point is that 6 of the 8 teams have even win/loss ratios or are just one step away from an even ratio, giving some credence to the idea that the competition is very even.

South Africa: 8/2
England, India, New Zealand: 5/5
Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: 4/6
West Indies: 3/7

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Karel said...

I have a hunch about Sri Lanka this WC. I also wouldnt bet asgainst the Indians or Pakistanis. I think the grounds and pitches will suit the subcontinant teams. I hope NZ do well but im thinking we'll struggle to get past the super 8. Im not a cynic nor am i indulging in tall poppy syndrome after the last week or so. Mostly just going by our form in past tournaments. I have no idea why people are picking the Windies to do well. Hometown advantage seems to work the opposite way in all previous World Cups and aside from Lara and (on his day) Gayle theyre pretty average at best.
Wont discount the Aussies just yet either. South Africa will choke as usual and their pace wont mean squat in the conditions. PLus their battings weak despite what people say.
If i had to put money on it id say either Sri Lanka or Pakistan. If Pakistan fire theyre almost impossible to beat and Khan, Yousif, Haq and Asif are all class.
You heard it here first - Sri Lanka to win.