Saturday, 9 December 2006

Weak batting, strong bowling

It is a strange day when New Zealand suffers a middle order collapse after a solid start - we are far more used to seeing poor starts followed by a middle order revival. Luckily for us, the bowlers came to the rescue - aided by some timid Sri Lankan batting. Richard Boock thinks the batsmen should be offering the bowlers peeled grapes and chocolates in thanks. I am not so certain. Vaas, Malinga and Muralitharan all bowled well and most of the batsmen can't take too much blame for their dismissals (Oram being a notable exception). Perhaps Adam Parore might have more of a point though, he thinks our batsman should have been more aggressive and should not have allowed the Sri Lankans to dictate.

The Sri Lankan second innings was an odd affair. It seemed to me that the wicket has become easier to play on and the Sri Lankans seemed very comfortable at the start of their innings. Jayasuriya was desperately unlucky to be run-out from a Bond deflection and those that followed him largely self-destructed. I felt particularly sorry for Silva who made a pair on debut. Still, at least he doesn't have too far to look for comfort. The man he replaced, Marvan Atapattu played 88 tests despite scoring five ducks (and a 1) in his first six innings.

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Karel said...

Our bowlers have done extremely well on a pitch that doesnt seem to hold all that many terrors. Bond has been his usual destructive self (our attack always lifts and looks penetrative with him there), Franklin's been there or there abouts most of the time and picked up some good wickets, Martins toiled away well without much luck. The others havent bowled much (or havent needed to).
The batting still looks underdone. Id always have FLeming,Astle and Oram there but the top three still poses a major problem. Sinclair looked the goods but i still doubt his mental ability. Like McMillan he seems to constantly get himself out playing poor, silly shots. I dont think How or Cumming have the goods to stay at the top level. Granted, Cumming played okay but i cant see either really doing much beyond a ground out 30-40 odd every so often.
We NEED to blood Taylor before the world cup. And what about Ryder? Vincents proven at this level but Bracewells ego wont allow him back into the team (at test level).
Hopefully Taylors 200 odd in the last few days will wake up a few selectors to his obvious potential.

Jesus, am i the only one whose getting angrier and angrier at the unwillingness to include Taylor? Whats the reasoning behind his absence? Jamie How or Ross Taylor? Its no contest.

ps: a funny end to the Sri Lankan innings. Has there ever been a case in the history of the game where an opposing captain has graciously allowed an unfortunate dismissal (like the run out of Murali) to be discounted in a gentlemanly manner?