Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Podcasting is something I have got into a little bit lately. For those that are not techno-savvy, a podcast is an audio file you download and listen to - either on your computer or via an MP3 player. I have an iPod and having something to listen to on the train in the mornings is very handy. The only thing I haven't really found is a good cricketing podcast. Cricinfo has started providing a few, but I haven't really been that impressed by them so far. But now John Morrison and Daniel McHardy's Cricket Club radio show is available as a podcast. If you have never tried podcasting before, now is your chance to give it a try. You don't even need an MP3 player. Simply download the iTunes software (it is free) and you can just listen through your computer.


noizy said...

Mike, our podcast covers a bit of cricket, as well as rugby, football, basketball, and everything else (including competitive eating). Weekly half-hour show, straight outta Wellytown.

the dropkicks rugby and sports podcast

might be something you enjoy during your daily commute.

Mike said...

Cool! Cheers. I will give it a listen.

parker said...

There's the, er - dare I say - Ashes podcast available from the BBC website via iTunes. Agnew interviews Boycott after each day of play. Boycott is a difficult chap to warm to, but he's one of the best commentators on the game.

Paul & Mike said...

The Beige Brigade's pisstakepodcast is here too