Sunday, 3 December 2006

Poll results and a new poll

My last poll asked you who should open for New Zealand. John Bracewell must have had half an ear listening because first choice pick Jamie How (25 votes) got the nod. Second place getter Matthew Sinclair (14 votes) also made the team, but as a number 3 rather than as an opener. Peter Fulton (11 votes) just pipped Craig Cumming (10 votes) in the poll, but missed out on a test position. A handful of votes tipped Stephen Fleming (5 votes) to take a step or two up the order while Matthew Bell (3 votes), James Marshall (2 votes) and Hamish Marshall (2 votes) all had their fans.

My new poll asks you what the result of the New Zealand vs Sri Lanka test series will be. So start clicking that voting finger.


Anonymous said...

you left out 1-1 as an option, which is where I think it'll end, given both teams have their share of problems.

Mike said...


The Riverboat Captain said...

I think Monty should be in the team and Giles dropped.

Oops, wrong blog.