Thursday, 28 December 2006

Canning's "retirement"

It looks like Tama Canning didn't so much retire, as go before he was sacked. According to Cricinfo he turned up late on the last day of his last game and with a hangover. Auckland Cricket were in the process of reviewing his conduct (and his contract) when he decided to quit the game.

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Anonymous said...

I think not. After his sterling preformance the week befor Tamas focus cann't be doubted. He was heading directly for the world cup However it wasn't noted in media that the week prior... on the final day of play.. where he had manged to selvaging, what would have been a sure loss for the ACES... 'a fellow team member' lost the game for the team and stopped Tamas century by trying to be a showman for the selectors... he failed in his unexpected big hit choice letting his entire team down.That team member was selected as a black cap. Tama will obviously miss Auckland cricket because he must have changed his mind,last minute, and attended the ground the morning in question. Personally I would have stayed tucked up in bed with the gorgeous woman.