Friday, 15 December 2006

A terrible mistake

I was planning to take today off to watch the cricket. And then the small report I had to write before Christmas became a 350+ page beast. And now I am sitting at work watching the sunlight reflecting off the glass-like surface of the harbour and wishing I were on the grassy bank at the Basin.

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Karel said...

So chances are, we're about to lose the second test unless we can pull something (historic) out of the bag. Once again, its all down to the batting (or lack thereof). The bowlers have performed admirably throughout both games but our top order is a mess. As ive said before, both How and Cumming arent good enough. Thats the bottom line. It's time for the selectors to bite the bullet and bring in Taylor and Ryder. It's also time for Bracewell to swallow his pride and bring back Vincent.
Ill await Sinclairs performance in this game (currently not out) but quite frankly, how many chances does this guy have.

On another note, whats with the arrogance shown by the likes of Oram, Styris (and Sinclair in the past) when it comes to technique and practise. I read somewhere that Marshall stated his dislike for net practise and avoided it as much as possible. What?!!? Given his poor run of form, that idea seems ludicrous.
Get these guys out and bring in some new blood. Theyve had chance after chance and we're slowly retreating into the 'old boys network' we had in the mid 90's where a batsman could udnerperform for innins after innings and not fear for his place in the team.

On a positive note, Vettori bowled wonderfully. Martin has toiled away without luck and hit the 140k mark often and always looks hungry and dedicated. Bond, world class, despite a fairly average second test performance (compared with his high standards).
Looking forward to the return of Mills. He always gives 100%. Unlike some of his (batting) teammates.